What Your Customer Education Materials Say About You


Few manufacturers or service providers would deny the importance of having support material for their customers, whether it be in the form of manuals, how-to videos, or online forums. More than ever, customers want to be assured that the companies supplying them are readily available to help them get the most out of their purchase.

The next step in customer support, however, is recognizing that customers are also learners, and that treating them as such can greatly enhance their experience with a product or service. Learners do best when they're provided with materials that are:

  • personalizable. Even in a niche market, customer bases can be incredibly diverse, and in order to truly support users, materials need to be presented in a variety of formats and approaches.
  • interactive. Learners of all ages and backgrounds retain information better when they take an active role in acquiring it.
  • accessible. Unlike learners in a classroom setting, it's incredibly rare to have users in the same place at the same time. The more devices through which material can be accessed, the better.

The right learning platform can also provide manufacturers and service providers with analytics that give insights into what their customers want to know, and how they're actually using the materials. Building a complete, immersive learning experience for customers tells customers that:

  • you truly believe in your product and you want them to as well. This can lead to positive product/service reviews and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • your company cares about them as end users, and wants to make sure they're happy with their investment in it. This can lead to fewer support calls, and also increased numbers of returning/repeat customers.
  • your company is forward thinking an innovative enough to take advantage of new learning technology available. This tells your customers that you and your products and/or services are poised to keep pace with a changing marketplace.
  • you see your customers as part of a community of users. This not only helps with brand-recognition, but also sends a message that there is support available from a variety of sources.

Of course, putting a learning system like this in place takes time and resources, but it can speak volumes about what a company or organization is all about.  With it, a dialogue between manufacturer and end user is established, one that is mutually beneficial.

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