Summer's Here for Enable

As the weather warms up, our schedule fills up.  Enable will out and about this summer, meeting with educators and innovators from all over North America.  Here are some of our summer highlights:

The American Society for Engineering in Education

As we speak (or type) our team is meeting up with innovators and educators in Seattle with engineering education's best and brightest.


Along with our Tinker Thinkers co-author Dr. Susan Gardner, we'll be presenting on the necessity of teaching effective critical thinking skills to children, and to the grown-ups that work with them.


How does philosophy for children fit into other movements in education? We'll be exploring this at PLATO's bi-annual conference in Seattle.

High Impact Technology Exchange

We're thrilled to be joining National Instruments at their booth in Portland.

NI Week

We've long been fans of this meeting of the minds in Austin, and can't wait to see what's on this year's menu.

Catch us if you can!