Got a Minute? Think About Where Edu Tech is Taking Us.

Cool new gadgets and software are pretty good for getting people's attention, but when the cool factor wears off, you have to wonder what these amazing new tools are actually doing for education. We're obviously fascinated with/optimistic about this sort of thing, and we're not alone. We've put together a small sampling of others' takes on ways technology is affecting education, largely for the better. If you've got a few minutes, choose one or two and give it some thought.

  • A collection of editorial cartoons that deal with educational technology.
  • Raj Dhingra's take on educational technology and its capacity to instigate change, as expressed in his TEDx talk.
  • Greg Toppo takes a different perspective in his TEDx talk.
Amy Leask is VP of Enable Education and Communications Manager at Infinite Octopus.