Enable Hits the Street!

'Tis the season for festivals, and we've been busy bringing mechanical merriment to kids and parents in our community.  Sporting our new philosophy for kids books, our stylish new t-shirts (thanks, Mark), as well as some nifty robot demos, we've been hitting the streets in search of brilliant young minds.

First came Osprey Woods Public School in Mississauga for their annual Funtastic Fair.  Then came Milton's Downtown Street Festival (Mother nature put the brakes on that one with a pretty spectacular thunderstorm).  Yesterday was the Big Daddy Festival in Georgetown.  Kids and their parents got to ask big questions, learn about how robots work, and even test-drive a TETRIX Ranger Bot.

I'm happy to report that we were a hit!  After hearing "Hey, wanna drive a robot?", passers-by couldn't resist coming in for a peek.  They were flipping through books, jumping up and down in front of motion sensors, and no one (big or small), could keep their hands off the controller.  One parent even bestowed upon us the title "Coolest Company On The Planet" (we'd like to thank the Academy).

Many, many thanks to Ben, Pat, Scott, Octavian, Damian, Alex, and our future co-op student, Rebecca, for helping to make these events such a success!