Coming Soon: Free Apps, Bonus Goodies and a Twitter Party

Tomorrow is International Youth Day, and we're celebrating by putting our philosophy and robot apps for kids on sale (24 hours only).  Tinker Thinkers, our newest creation, will be free, and the others will be half price.  Click here for links to all of our apps.

In addition, we'll be offering a free set of stylish buttons to anyone in Canada or the United States who orders books from our Facebook store before August 31, 2014 (one per order).  If you haven't visited the store yet, check it out!  As always, our books are also available through and, and our teacher packs may be purchased through Nasco.

Finally, we'd like to invite parents, teachers and community members who are interested in sharing philosophy with children to participate in our Twitter party on August 20, 8-9pm EST.  Join the discussion and learn how this age-old practice can be used to engage and nurture 21st Century learners.

Here's how:

Using Twitter:

1. Sign into your Twitter account using your username and password.

2. We will be tweeting from our @EnablePublish twitter account so it’s a good idea to follow the host to get updates on their tweets.

3. In the search box in the top right corner of your home page, search for “@EnablePublish”. Follow the links and “follow” the @EnablePublish Twitter account.

4. You’re ready to join the conversation! Simply search #phil4chil in the search box in the top right corner of your account’s home page.

***Note: Hashtags (#) are used to categorize tweets together to make them easier to search and find in the Twitterverse. The hashtag indexes related tweets and effectively creates something similar to a chat room where the party host and the party guests can see each others tweets in one convenient place. It is important that each tweet you send contains the hashtag #phil4chil in it so that your Tweet doesn’t get lost, and gets categorized as a part of our Twitter party conversation***

5. To respond, or to ask questions to the host, or other Twitter party guests, simply include their username with an”@” in front in your tweet. You can address your tweet to multiple people (either hosts or guests) by adding multiple usernames with an @ symbol in front. Keep in mind that each tweet is 140 characters (including spaces, the #phil4chil hashtag, and any @replies). The more @replies, hashtags you use in your tweet, the fewer characters you have to write your actual tweet.

6. Ask questions, bring up interesting ideas, thoughts, concerns, and most importantly HAVE FUN making connections with party hosts and guests!