Yes, You Can Go Back Again: Cloud-Based Learning in Corporate Training


Cloud-based learning isn't just a catch phrase. Having training materials as well as notes and assignments stored in the cloud provides an opportunity to really make the most of a learning experience, and an online learning system.

Pedagogically speaking, cloud-based learning is an advantage because:

  • very few learners, even experts, retain all the information they need on the first try. Most need time to process it, review it, and synthesize it. Cloud-based learning allows learners to pause and revisit previous lessons or courses as often as they need to, even long after they've completed their training.
  • Having training materials in the cloud enables learners to draw upon them as they encounter real-life situations. Being able to apply theoretical knowledge entails having access to it while in situations that require a more hands-on approach. 
  • it can be instrumental in group projects. Being able to draw information and materials from the cloud quickly and conveniently can help to assure that every group member is bringing as much to the table as possible.
  • an efficient, well-designed search function in a cloud-based system can ensure that learners are able to zero-in on the information they need as quickly as possible.
  • it's not just materials uploaded by the trainer that are of interest. Learners can capture, save and revisit their own notes and observations in a variety of formats. Recording their own thoughts not only reinforces what they've learned, but makes their learning experience more personalized.

From a logistics standpoint, cloud-based systems can also benefit corporate trainers and learners by:

  • Making it possible for them to continue their learning without having to be in an actual classroom. The mobile aspects of this approach can be of benefit when doing onsite work for a client, attending a conference, or when visiting with a new customer.
  • Presenting an environmentally-friendly, paperless option.
  • Reducing or even eliminating the costs and time involved in producing printed training materials.

Fortunately, when an effective learning platform is used, getting traditional learning materials online and in the cloud is easier than most would think. The lasting benefits for both trainers and learners are worth the investment of time and resources.

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