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The Internet of Things Means Changes to Customer Support

In an article outlining the changes that the consumerization of the internet of things poses to customer support, The Enterpriser's Project interviews Michael Ringman - CIO of Telus International…

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Immersed 2017: Engaging the IOT with Data Visualization

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Wiseland: Supporting 21st Century Skills for Little Thinkers!

Our sister company, Red T Media, has launched a project on Kickstarter, and are seeking help and support to grow their Wiseland app by adding more big questions for little thinkers.

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How Serious Games Can Do Serious Good For Company Culture

Videogames are rapidly taking on a new role, proving useful for grown-ups as well as younger users. Gaming is also making its way into the workplace, in the form of gamified training, and is…

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Serious Games for Customer Success


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How Game Based Learning Can Transform Your Training


At first glance, video games may seem like plaything or a distraction from more practical tasks in the workplace. However, with the right approach, including serious games in corporate and…

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