10 Environmental Organizations for Kids!

Environmental Education for KidsYears ago, when I started teaching, a colleague advised me to “start out the way you mean to go.”  Getting off to a good start is paramount in education, and nowhere is this truer than in environmental education.  What we’d like to see in responsible adults 20 years from now, we need to instill in young learners as early as possible.  It’s thrilling to see that there are organizations out there that cater such learning specifically to young thinkers.

It’s Environmental Education Week, and we’d like to pay tribute to 10 of these organizations.  Each one provides insight, resources and learning opportunities to budding environmentalists (perhaps for we bigger folk too).  Two green thumbs up!

  • YES!: focusing on inspiring change, this organization encourages innovative new ways to help the planet and its inhabitants to thrive.   They go beyond environmental issues too!
  • Earth Force: a great website that focuses on cooperative efforts between children and their communities
  • Ecology: fantastic multimedia resources and articles, including a special section for kids
  • Kids For A Clean Environment: a club with over 2000 chapters and 300,000 members worldwide
  • Children And Nature Network: this organization focuses on children as teachers and leaders
  • EcoKids: lots of fantastic games and activities
  • Kids For Saving Earth: curriculum resources for parents and educators
  • Children of the Earth: a variety of interactive online resources, as well as school programs
  • Compassionate Kids: the name says it all!  This organization encourages volunteering and activism.
  • Grass Roots & Shoots: Jane Goodall's global humanitarian and environment program for youth

If you have a curious and motivated youngster, there are a wealth of resources and opportunities for them to get involved in STEAM education. This is the perfect week to get started!

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Amy Leask is VP of Enable Education.  She has tremendous faith in the ability and drive of environmentally-minded youngsters.